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Hi, I'm Lisa! I love to laugh, tell stories, and live out my creative dreams!

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It all started when…

In high school, I had to choose a profession and do an internship and project related to a desire or dream for that profession. I chose floral design. I interned for a semester at Mary & Martha's Florist & Gifts in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and that started my love for flowers and floral design! I was able to continue this love as part of my design and merchandising career with Dillards in the early 90's and have infused this creative design into my life as a hobby over the years.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to incorporate floral and interior design into various areas of my life. And now, after pivoting in my career late in life, I have the opportunity to live out that design dream that started as a teenager and young adult and I'm starting a whole new career path.

Won't you join me? Give me the honor of designing for you! See my portfolio of designs in the menu!

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In addition to floral and interior design expertise, experienced Human Resources executive, mentor, and nonprofit advocate with a demonstrated history of working in corporate and non-profit organizational management. Strong community and social services professional, skilled in negotiation, career development, HR consulting, coaching, conflict resolution, and other HR and nonprofit arenas. 


Creative/Floral and Interior Design; Crafts
Lifelong; Floral designer, parties, weddings, single arrangements, monthly subscriptions, and freelancing; interior design/arrangement specialist

Public Speaker
Sharing stories of perseverance, hope, and survival in the midst of circumstances. I am happy to craft a talk that compliments your event or inspirational theme!

Mars Hill Arts Center Co-Founder http://www.marshillarts.com
2015 - Present

Human Resources Professional & VP of Human Resources
2000 - 2016

Sheltering Wings Volunteer/Board Member http://www.shelteringwings.org
2004 to present

Lifelong - informal; 2015 - present formal

Nonprofit Startup and Event Planner
2004 - 2018



Human Resources Consultant

Having served in executive and human resource management roles in Indianapolis for over 20 years, I enjoy working with clients advising them on the administration of human resources policies and procedures. Consulting can include analyzing programs and recommending solutions, developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures, conducting surveys, investigations, and training, as well as recommending improvements that will have a positive impact on the culture, productivity, and efficiency of teams.

Public Speaking

Sharing stories of perseverance, hope, and success in the midst of circumstances. Also able to tailor talks to team building and special event themes to engage, inspire, and motivate attendees. 

Floral Design

Designs for any size party, event, or gathering! Table arrangements, bouquets, corsages, and the like. I look forward to adding beautiful flowers to any of your special moments.

Floral Parties

Floral DIY parties, at a venue or your home. I bring the flowers, supplies, and instruction to you, guiding your guests through a meaningful and fun floral design class. Great for showers, birthdays, or just girls-night-out parties where your guests get to go home with a beautiful arrangement. Also offered is a Petals and Purpose event with story telling and networking to inspire purposeful living and inspiration. Let's brainstorm and think of a fun event that works just for you!

Floral Team Building Events

Inspiring, innovative workshops incorporate the use of fresh seasonal flowers and foliage that will awaken creativity in each participant. Using floristry tools and equipment, participants will be guided and taught how to construct a modern quirky, floral arrangement worthy of self-enjoyment or sharing.

Participants will be coached through unlocking their own vision based on the skills and style demonstrated. As an experienced Human Resources Executive with a creative and floral flair, I am experienced in coordinating your team building theme with the floral design aspect of the event. Using the flowers and foliage provided, the participants will each create a unique arrangement to take home to enjoy or share with friends or family.

Yoga Teacher

Certified RYT-200 yoga instructor, focusing on restorative, mindful movement, kids yoga, and yoga for life themed classes. Classes are offered at the Mars Hill Arts Center. http://www.marshillarts.com



Thank you for taking such care in crafting the floral arrangements for our event! Your attention to detail and the quality and choice of the flowers was amazing!
— Bride
Your designs are beautiful. The choices of flowers are so unique!
— Corporate Party Planner
I can’t wait to see what you do next! Just gorgeous!
— Nonprofit fundraiser guest and winner of an arrangement-a-month auction item
I love the way you walked us through the floral class! I can’t believe my arrangement looks so beautiful!
— Petals and Poses Floral Design and Yoga Workshop Participant
Thank you for sharing your story. It was moving and inspiring and your willingness to share truly touched me!
— God and My Girlfriends Gathering, Nashville, Tennessee
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Blogs, Talks & Podcasts

My conversation with Jala about having a mantra, inspiration, mentoring, and creativity.

God & My Girlfriends Gathering, Nashville, TN- May 2018

Listen to my tracks of sounds, readings, hopefully something inspiring!


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What's in a name.....

Where does "Where Pigs Fly" come from? It all started in 2007 when I was faced with having open heart surgery. As a result, I now have a pig valve fluttering and flying 24/7 in my heart. I go wee-wee-wee all the way home each and every day.

During this time, I had a number of traumatic life experiences that led me to lean on my faith much more strongly than ever before. Thus, the phrase, "where pigs fly" not "when". Because the typical quote of "Oh when pigs fly" denotes the assumption that "that will never happen". When if you have faith, and truly believe, you can make things happen. Thus, the name "Where pigs fly" for with faith and belief, THEY CAN!

Of course, there is more to the story. Connect with me! I am happy to share more!

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