Bridal Petal Parties!

Oh, the fun!

So, I have enjoyed and led petal parties for ladies’ nights out, brunch, or creative components to a corporate retreat or event., but I just hosted my first Bridal Petal Party for a bride and her maids and moms. And OH, THE FUN we had!

Bridal Petal Party.JPG

Not only is it a great way to enjoy time with the special people in your life before your big day, it is also a way to relax, be creative, and enjoy the teamwork that comes along with creating beautiful things that will bring joy, sentiment, and meaning on the big day!

With my experience in corporate training, I approach the event with a theme that fits the bride’s and party’s style and personality. For this party, I kicked off with setting some meaningful intention on how we would approach the day and added some inspiration that I hope the ladies took with them and let it carry into the wedding day itself.


The Flowers!

I prepared a list of the flowers that we would be using so that they knew the names of the delicate petals we were incorporating into their designs. I walked them through describing and teaching about the tools and the product and then when we were ready to start building the arrangements, I walked them through step by step.


These lovely ladies were so game for this fun! They asked great questions, shared extra hands with each other when needed, and inspired each other to be bold and do something they may not have ever done! Their creative juices were flowing! These ladies even made the boutonnieres for all of the guys and were so proud of their work that they wanted to make sure each guy knew who made their special piece. We pinned name tags on each so that they received their own individual and special creation on the wedding day. 

Bridal Petal Party 5.JPG

I kept the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere to myself, making them after the party had finished. This left an element of surprise for the bride and her groom.

I encourage you, if you’re a bride, consider adding this component to your wedding. Especially if you can fit it into your schedule either 2 days or 1 day before your event. The joy, support, laughter, and sisterhood during a day like this creates memories for years to come. And I can only imagine the pride they all had as they walked down the aisle knowing that they made these beautiful bouquets themselves. A skill I hope they use again!

CONGRATULATIONS AND MANY BLESSINGS TO ADRIENNE AND CONNER! Thank you for including me in your special weekend! xoxo Lisa

Bridal Petal Party 7.JPG